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Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's Us!

Last week I decided it was time I took some photos of my own family.  Although we took a "few", you will have to wait for the "big" one and some of all of us, kids, etc.  But, I thought I would do a quick post tonight and share one of me and my wonderful husband.  I bet you are wondering how I took photos of our entire family......well....my wonderful husband ordered me a wireless remote for my camera.  So, I set it up on my trusty tripod, set up the camera to the correct settings for what I wanted, got into place and pushed the button.....LOTS OF TIMES!  It was actually fun and even more fun looking at the pics.   As you go through them, you can actually see what our conversation was as I was taking the pics.....Even funnier....As all of us are laughing, talking, NOT looking at the camera.....Aubree who is sitting in the middle was a perfect model, sitting in the correct pose, smiling and looking at the camera the entire time.  I think Nana having that camera in her face happens so often she is a pro!  More from our shoot coming soon.....but, first, I have lots more of others to share!

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  1. You guys look AMAZING!!! Love you both so much!! ♥ Heather ♥


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