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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Senior Pics......Taylor!

So, I don't know if I should apologize that this post is this big or just think you got a bonus.  I am lucky I narrowed it down to these.  Taylor was my last Senior for the year (I think - I actually got a call from someone today that didn't like her original shoot with another photographer and wanted to know if I could do them, so you may see one more yet this year??)  Anyway, Taylor's shoot was on a cold blustery day a couple weeks ago.  This poor girl nearly froze to death getting her pics taken.  But, she was so great about it.  She is such a beautiful girl and very comfortable in front of the camera and it shows.  There were so many awesome photos of her and I am sure she will have a tough time deciding.  I know I did trying to decide what to post....Thanks Taylor for a fun morning!  You were awesome!

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Kayla and Donovan - Engagement Session

Back to blogging!  Ok....I try to post every day, or every other day, but, I'm not very good at that.  But...I am trying!  I have so many sessions to post so, to all my wonderful, patient clients....I promise we will get everyone's sessions posted (unless, of course, you have asked me not to). 

So, here is the first post of the week.... Kayla and Donovan will be getting married next summer and I am lucky to be their photographer for their special day.  A few weeks ago, we had a fun session taking engagement photos.  I could tell right away that they are going to be so much fun!  I actually got to take some pics of them once before.  This past summer they were in a wedding that I photographed and got to meet them.  It is always fun to get to know your clients as much as possible before the big day.  The more comfortable you can be with one another, the more wonderful the photos will be.

Thanks both of you - can't wait for the wedding!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Gracie at 3 months!

Gracie is growing up!  I was so fortunate to be able to take Gracie's pics when she was a newborn....she was such a sweet baby.  And.....I think I am even luckier that I got to do it again at 3 months!  I love watching babies grow - although it happens too fast.  Here are just a few of my favorites of the day.  We even got a few family pics in there too!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Kimberly and Thad Get Married!

I COULDN'T DECIDE!!!!  So, you are getting a few more pics than a typical post.  (I was lucky to narrow it down to this....LOL)  I Love shooting weddings.....people in love, smiling, happy....what more could you ask for???   Well, photographing this wedding was so much fun!  One of my favorite parts of becoming a photographer has been connecting with my clients.  So many have become friends and Kimberly and Thad are no exception.  I barely knew them prior to the wedding and today I had coffee with Kimberly and I could have chatted with her all day.  Kimberly and Thad are such an awesome couple.  As I was going through photos, I had such a difficult time deciding which ones to post.  There were so many I loved....so, I asked Kimberly which ones she would like to post.  She was no help at all......she said she had so many favs that she didn't know and whatever I posted would be fine with her.    So, here are just a few......

Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of your special day!  (And.....thanks again for the coffee!)

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Glamour Shot......Sneak Peek!

A couple weeks ago I took "glamour shots" at the Big Brothers Big Sisters Ladies Night.  Sue and Heather came with to assist me and we had so much fun.  We had lots of fun props that we took with and everyone had so much fun "dressing up".  As soon as we left we were already talking about what we wanted to do next year.  I am in the process of editing the pics and thought I would share one with you.  I LOVE this shot.  Such a beautiful girl.  I showed it to a few different people today and every time someone saw it they thought it looked like a  magazine shot!  Not sure what this girl does but, modeling could be in her future????

Thursday, November 4, 2010


A few weeks ago I had so much fun taking photos of this beautiful little girl.  She is such a sweet, happy baby and smiled in so many of the photos.  In fact, there were some pics that she was laughing so hard that she had all of us laughing as well.  There is something about a baby when they begin to giggle that makes you laugh too.  Just makes your heart feel great!   Have I mentioned lately that I love babies????

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fun Family Photos.....

Another fun family session....Kerry and Terry and Nitro.....I have so much fun, as all of you know, taking photos.  An added bonus is spending time with clients, which certainly was fun with these two (or should I say three).  I love when clients bring their "kids" with for family photos.....and, yes, I mean all kids, including the "four-legged" kind.  We have a little diva (named Annie) that rules our house and certainly is part of the family so I completely understand and LOVE when people want to include their four-legged kids in their family photos.  And....to make the pics even more special Nitro was dressed for the occasion too!

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