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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Another big blog post!

Still trying to catch up a little.....so, I have included a few more sessions.  So many pics to choose from each of the sessions.  I love so many of them and it is always difficult to decide.  It has been a few weeks since these sessions and going through them again tonight brings back so many fun memories for me.  I have truly been blessed with some awesome families to work with.  Thank you all for allowing me to take your photos.  I cannot begin to express the joy it has given me....

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  1. Holy Busy Batman! You've been at your computer a lot lately to get all these done.

  2. Julee-The christmas picture went over so well for Mom and Dad we may have to order some more. You did such an awesome job I can't thank you enough. Hope you had a great Christmas and thanks for sharing the other pictures too--they're so pretty!!


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