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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Today Lorin, Deb and I went to Tim's Hill to go snowshoeing. What an awesome day. I have never really snowshoed (remember, I don't like winter) but, I do like snowshoeing. Being out in nature is such a wonderful feeling. Experiencing all that God has given us is such a blessing. I have to admit, before we left I was a little nervous and even thought about "wimping out" but, I made myself a promise this past fall that I was going to try more outdoor things this winter and hopefully learn to like this season that lasts most of the year. So, first we went tubing, and today snowshoeing. Of course, we don't pick the easiest place to go for our first time - Tim's Hill. I should have thought about that one a little more. Shouldn't the first time be a short distance, flat surface, etc. Well, as you can imagine, Tim's Hill is..... well...... HILLY! The first mile or so, the hills don't feel too bad, by the time you are finishing the 4 miles, you notice small bumps that you have to pick your snowshoes up over. On a positive note - Nobody fell down! A few times we stumbled a bit but, we all stayed standing. I even tried to get Deb or Lorin to fall for me because I thought that would be a "good photo opportunity" but no dice. So here are some of the beautiful sights of the day. I couldn't pick just one, so you get a bonus today with a few pics of the day. Thanks Deb for talking me into this. I can't wait to go again. BTW - Lorin is online right now looking for snowshoes for me.


  1. You did pretty good for the first time snowshoeing. It was hilly but when you get to the top of one it really feels like you accomplished something, like making the muscles in your butt burn! Now we need to talk someone else into going with us. Juliiiiiieeeeeeeeee

  2. Photos look great mom. Now you have more winter pics.


  3. 4 MILES!!!!!! Are you crazy????

  4. The snow looks beautiful...I just wish I enjoyed winter a little more. I don't have a problem with it if I can just stay inside and look at it :)

  5. Sounds to me like you were breaking yourself in for the Perky this weekend?? Congratulations on giving the funnest winter event a try!!


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