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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Low Light - Arabian Nights!



During our time in Florida we went to the Arabian Nights Dinner Theater.  They boast that they have 65 horses in the show and although I am not sure we saw quite that many, the show was wonderful and the riders were very talented.  Tonight my photography class talked about shooting in low light...so  I thought I would pull out a few pics where we we did not have good light.  They allow you to use flash photography but, even though we were seated in the second row, you are still a distance from the subject and flash from that distance just doesn't do it.  So, you must rely on your camera and settings to give you the light you need.  As you shoot with such low light situations you will need a tripod, table, etc. to allow you to get the shot without being blurry.  At these low light situations, a steady hand is just not possible as your shutter must stay open too long.
These are a few of my favorites from the night.  The riders, like I mentioned, are very talented.  We saw a great deal of trick riding, acrobatic acts on horseback and some very graceful "dancing" on and with horses.  Beautiful!

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