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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Funny Story

Isn't she adorable in that wetsuit???? Well, they look great on 6 year old little girls that are tiny....Not so on a curvy Nana body.  One day we went to Discovery Cove.  We got to swim with a dolphin.  They did a short training session and each of us got to pet, feed, kiss and ride on the dolphin.  Lots of fun.  But, you have to wear a wetsuit when doing so.  Like I said, no problem for those kids and people that have tiny little bodies.  However, as a friend of mine said once when she was told she had to wear a wetsuit for a whitewater rafting trip.....
"Wetsuits ain't made for size 12 bodies!"  

So, when we get there we go to the area where they are handing out wetsuits.... The attendant hands each of us one based on what they feel we need.  We are told, "They are supposed to fit snuggly."  OK....so Heather, Aubree and I go into the dressing room to get changed.  Aubree slips her clothes off, wetsuit on, and is ready to go.  A couple minutes later, I begin to laugh.  

Heather asks, "Why are you laughing."  

My reply..."I'm stuck!"  
She begins to laugh as well and says..."Me too!"  

So I go in her dressing area and then the fun began.  As I said, wetsuits are not made for people with a shape.  Envision this...I am standing there with the arms of my wetsuit flapping at about "bust" height (Guess what they got caught on.)  and Heather's was caught "a little lower - on her butt".  The arms of her wetsuit flapping on her butt.  Both of us were laughing so hard by this time we were having an even more difficult time helping each other.  Well, we did finally master this task and got the wetsuits on.  We walked out of the dressing rooms and the guys asked, "What took you so long?"  They didn't have nearly the trouble we did.  Although, I did hear the attendant tell Lorin that she gave him the "James Bond Edition".  We left the dressing room area and guess what.....you guessed it!  Within 15 minutes we both had to go to the bathroom.   I think we had to go 10 times that day.  Must have been all the water we were in.  However, by the end of the day we actually were able to go to the bathroom and get our wetsuits back on by ourselves.  There is definitely an art to putting them on.  And.....if you think putting one on is a task, you should try taking one off.....wet.....boy did that make a funny noise....Kind of like when you pull shrink wrap off something wet!  Not a pretty site or sound.  Like I said, Wetsuits are for 6 year old little girls and tiny little women with NO SHAPE!


  1. No pics of you guys in your wetsuits? Come on now, entertain us a bit here, a pic to go with the story!

  2. That is a good story! Where are the pictures the your whole crew with the suits on?

  3. haha well Julee...as a little woman with absolutely no shape...I still had a hard time getting my wet suit on and off. It's really an art. Kiana and I had to help pull each others arms off afterwards cuz taking off is WAY harder than putting it on. The lady kept saying peal it off like a banana! Isnt it crazy how warm they keep you tho in the water!?


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