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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Livia...a few sneak peeks

Today was a day of photo shoots.  It started with a shoot of this beautiful little girl.  She is such a sweetheart!  It is so much fun watching her grow.  I had so much fun with her newborn pics and I shot a wedding that she was a part of and now got to spend some time taking her 6 month pics.  When she walked in the door I have to admit, I was a bit nervous.  She took one look at me and cried.....oh nooooo!!!  But, within about 30 seconds she stopped and was all smiles.  She even snuggled with me when I held her.  So sweet!  We got so many cute pics of her....mom and dad were great making funny faces, funny noises, "dancing", laughing, etc.  At one point I was thinking, I should turn this camera around and take some pics of them as they entertained their little peanut to get some of these shots.   Now wouldn't those be some fun ones on my blog.......

Several more shoots to get caught up on from the past few weeks.....I will get there.....I have been editing, ordering, designing all week!  Lots of sneak peeks to come!

Happy Easter Everyone!


  1. Julee the polka dot wall looks awesome, can't wait to see my girls pictures with that wall, you are soooooooooo awesome. Great job!

  2. what a darling baby and you captured her personality. you do amazing work hon

  3. Oh my goodness these are adorable....I don't how we are going to choose. Julee thank you so much for your wonderful work...I love them! I still laugh thinking about what we were all doing to get her to smile....it definetely would have made some interesting pictures...haha!

  4. These are awesome. I will have to tell my niece she needs to bring your her 2 little girls!

  5. Adorable!! She looks like a little angel in the first one......but they are all so cute. Love the polka dots on the background.


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