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Friday, June 25, 2010

Relay for Life......

Tonight we spent a very emotional evening with family and friends.  The Mosinee chapter of Relay for Life had their annual fundraiser.  Over the past several years many of our family members have gotten together to participate in this most important event.  This community's efforts in this area are amazing.  They have a catered chicken dinner, bands, raffles, dunk tank, auctions, luminaries and, of course, relay teams as well as many other miscellaneous fundraising events.  The event takes place on the track at the Mosinee school and participants walk continuously all night.  I have even had family members who have had teams that have walked all night.  They park their campers, tents, etc.  and take turns walking the track.  Cancer is a disease that affects so many....in fact I would imagine you would have a very difficult time finding any family that has not been affected by this awful illness.  And....our family is no exception.  We have had some who have won their battle and others who continue to fight such a brave fight.  I am so amazed by the courage of all who are fighting.  You are such role models to all of us and we love you dearly.  Please take a moment to pray for all who are, or have been affected by Cancer.....maybe someday we won't need to have fundraisers as we will have found a cure and cancer will be a thing of the past.  But for now.........   God Bless all of you.......

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  1. Julee the collage is great. Thank you so much for coming to the walk it really was great seeing you. I can't wait to see more of the beautiful pictures!
    Love Ya, Stephanie Ann


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