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Monday, June 14, 2010

A Little Surprise.....

Over the past week or so, I have been busy, busy, busy......having so much fun taking pics.  But.....I can't show you all of the fun I have been having.  Some of the sessions have been surprises for events, etc. so you will be seeing some on them in the weeks to come (after they are given as gifts, etc)   That is what this session was.  Ella was baptised today and her Godmother wanted to have pics taken of her as a gift for her parents.  So, with the help of her Nana and Papa, we had a fun session last Sunday while the mommy and daddy were at the class for the baptism (how sneaky is that????)  As soon as mommy and daddy dropped off Ella at Nana and Papa's house, they hopped in the car and brought her to my studio for pics.  We nearly got caught when mommy called during the session to check on her little girl and Nana had left her cell phone in the car....oops!  But, luckily she got papa to answer and nana called her right back and lied, lied, lied - but all for a good cause!  In any event.....we had a wonderful time and taking pics of this beautiful little girl was so much fun.  God Bless you Ella....and your entire family.


  1. you are so inventive with your props i love you work and that baby looks like a little angel.

  2. Those photos are fantastic! Way to go, Mom!! :)


  3. These are absolutely adorable. I love them.

  4. They are adorable, Julee!!! What a nice surprise for the mom and dad!!

  5. Love these!!! Ella is so beautiful, I bet Mandi and Nate we're or will be sooo surprised!


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