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Friday, June 17, 2011

It Must Be Puppy Love....

Yesterday I had a fun photo shoot with these six playful puppies.  A very good friend of my sister also raises and shows Bernese Mountain Dogs and these are six beautiful puppies I am sure will be winning lots of ribbons and trophies in the future.  It was such a wonderful shoot......although I have to admit a little bittersweet.  We shared lots of laughs, a few tears as we reminisced about Sheila and lots and lots of puppy kisses.  (I LOVE puppy kisses....puppy breath.....puppy love!)

I was so impressed we were able to get all six of these puppies in one shot and we actually did it a few times.  I could tell Kathy is a pro.....(although we did have a few extra hands - thanks Cheyanna, Wayne, Sue and Evan). 

I cannot thank Kathy enough for spending the afternoon with me and allowing me to enjoy these wonderful blessings.  You were such a truly special person in my sister's life and spending time with you and your puppies was such a special time for me.  I look forward to doing it again!


  1. OMG, Julee, how adorable is this?!??! Absoutely LOVE it!!!

  2. Sheila was a great friend to my sister Kathy as well. I had the pleasure to hang out with Sheila at a few dog shows with Kathy. These are awesome pictures!

    Karen (Kathy Dugger's sister)

  3. These photo's are absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Awesome job Julee!!! You are the best!!
    Love you ~ Tammi

  5. Julee, these puppies are absolutely adorable!!

  6. Hi Julee, Just popped over to say hi and see these puppies. Firstly, I love the breed and all things puppy-breath, kisses etc. Great job. I'll be back to visit again.

  7. I want one... are they for sale??
    Kelly Weiler


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