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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

You asked so here are a few.......Boudoir!


Several weeks ago I had several boudoir sessions and we had so much fun.  Some of the ladies decided they would let me share a few of the photos with all of you.  They all looked so amazing and we had such a good time in each of the sessions.  I have several more sessions coming up in the next weeks and months and cannot wait. 
I have had a few people ask lately and thought I would mention......whenever I do a session whether it is a boudoir session, family, children, etc.  it is entirely your decision whether I post pics on my blog.  I always respect the privacy of my clients and although I love to share with everyone, I would not do that without your permission.  Many clients love to share photos with others, however, there are also many who prefer not to and that is fine.....everyone deserves their privacy. 
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  1. AMAZING!!! Period.

  2. Those are gorgeous pictures of the ladies! You did a great job showing the beauty of each women; makes me as a woman want to take a few for a surprise!


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