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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Senior Pics.....Trey

This first pic is of Trey at the veterans memorial here in Medford.....something a little different and more sentimental.  This is his grandfathers memorial stone......

 There is a log across the river that I have wanted to use for some pics.....Not everyone is courageous enough to try making their way across until we get a good shot.  Trey was all over this.  Here is a wide shot.....

.......and here he is from another angle.  Love this shot....love the white foam from the water!

Like all the seniors I have been able to photograph this year, Trey was so much fun.  I had never met him prior to the day but, knew right away we were going to have fun.  Just like a lot of seniors I have photographed, he did NOT like getting his pictures taken.  But, shortly after we started, he became a natural.  And, as you can see we got a lot of great shots.  I had so much fun.  Thanks for a great afternoon!


  1. I love the idea by the water. You are right... the foam on the water is cool.

  2. I really like the last one...

  3. Very nice pictures...they look great as always...

  4. What a great shot of him with the stone. Very cool tribute!


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