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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Aubree's Birthday

Today is Aubree's 6th Birthday.  I cannot believe that she is 6 already.  It seems like I was just in the room with Heather when she was born.  That time goes so fast and she is growing up so quickly.  Tonite as we were at Happy Joes having pizza, she was telling us about a boy in school.  She told Heather when she got ready for school this morning that this one boy in her class was really going to like her dress.  She said one other day when she was all dressed up for school and she walked in the classroom, he saw her and said "Whoa".  She is only 6.....boys aren't supposed to notice that stuff yet.

Since I don't have my camera back yet (but, they did call and it is in.  I will have it tomorrow.....woot woot.)  I decided to post a photo that I had taken during her Christmas photo shoot.  I had a small version of it in the collage I did earlier, but I love this picture and thought it was worth a look at a full size version.  Happy Birthday Sweetheart.... We Love You!!!

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