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Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm Back.......

First, I need to apologize for being gone for a while......as many of you know, my sister suffered from a brain aneurysm last week.  It has been a long week of praying, crying, talking, etc.  Fortunately, she was in a large city close to one of the best hospitals for situations such as these.  God has answered our prayers and helped her through the surgery and her recovery thus far.  We know that it will be a long, slow process but, we are thankful for her to still be with us.  We continue to pray each day for a speedy and full recovery.  I will be taking her daughter back down to Milwaukee tomorrow so we can see her again but, I am so far behind in my blog posting that I thought I would share one with you tonight.  As I looked through the possible posts, this one jumped out at me....These are two beautiful little girls that I was so fortunate to be able to photograph one morning.  As I was looking at the photos, it made me think of me and my sister as we were growing up, laughing, playing, fighting and sharing secrets.....I can just picture these two doing that as they grow up.  They were such sweet little girls and I so enjoyed taking their photos.  Can't wait for them to come back in a few months as they grow......
Love that part.....

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  1. These girls are so cute....and they are the luckiest girls in the world to have the amazing parents that they do.....Love the pics and always Julee....You do an amazing job


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